Christmas in The Girls Bedroom

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If you are someone that loves the holidays, then you know every well-used room needs a touch of holiday cheer. Adding some Christmas in the girls’ bedroom was so much fun, and I am sharing this process with you now!

I partnered with Home Centric on this project! I knew the store would have a lot of cute Holiday decor the girls would love, but it would all be in a good price range so I could go a little crazy.  I was worried the holiday section in the store might be picked over, being that it was mid/late November by the time I was able to pop in. But the store was packed with goodies- no empty shelves whatsoever.  They had so much to choose from.

cart full of christmas items from Home Centric

Can you tell?

I was hoping to find a small tree for their room, or possibly a wreath for above their beds! Instead, as soon as I walked in I saw this  6 ft prelit flocked Christmas tree that was calling my name. It was a great price! Even though it was taller than I originally intended, it was a slim tree and so beautiful, I knew it was coming home with me. How beautiful and special for the girls. It actually wouldn’t even need ornaments unless the girls asked for them! So, even easier.

christmas tree in the girls room

I shopped at Home Centric while they were in school. When I picked the girls up I still had all the shopping bags in the car, and they were full of questions. I told them we were going to decorate their room together and… excited is an understatement.

As usual, both girls had a lot of opinions and a lot to say.  Camille was not helping at all, just running back and forth across the room, singing about her “vewy own twee”.

christmas tree in the girls room

We put the tree in the corner of the room and they use it as their nightlight. There is something comforting and a little magical about a tree lit up in the evening when the lights are off. We have a Christmas tree in our room, but we turn ours off at night. As an adult I have to sleep in pitch black darkness. But the girls love sleeping next to the warm, cozy glow of the tree!

I also found this tin tree skirt at Home Centric (under $15, such a good price). I bought a soft, fluffy blanket and stuffed it around the base, so you couldn’t see any part of the bottom. I think that always looks best to hide the base. We all know its a faux tree, but it makes it look more finished this way. We picked up an affordable, pretty gray rug for something a little cozy under their toes. (You don’t want to know what Zion did to their little round jute rug, but it wasn’t good, and it’s gone now.). This gray rug is lovely and perfect for a child’s bedroom.

2 sparsely deer under a christmas tree in the girls room

I loved the sparkly animals and picked up two, one for each girl.  The helpful person who was working at Home Centric that day told me to spray hair spray over the animals lightly to “set” the sparkle, so it wouldn’t end up covering the room when the girls played with them.

bunk bed with christmas pillow in a girls room

Of course I had to walk down the pillow aisle while I was in Home Centric. They had a great selection of cute Christmas pillows, lots of crisp whites and pops of red. I picked up two big fluffy white square ones for each bed. I also grabbed this Christmas tree pillow for the bottom bunk. A little punch of red is nice during the Holidays.

Because the girls room is small, I talked myself out of buying 1 billion little trinkets for them (so many cute ones though!). Instead I bought this one big silver tree for their dresser. I liked that the metal went with the tree skirt.

christmas in a girls room - little tree on the dresser

As an extra little surprise for the girls, I also picked up a few writing utensils for their desk. I always am on the look out for cute little pens and paper as these girls like to create/write/draw constantly! They have a great selection of giftable items in the store!

My Home Centric is located in Cary, North Carolina. If you haven’t popped in yet, see if there is one in your area  and take a peek while the Holiday season is upon us. With everything they have in stock, now is a great time to go. Pick a room, and go add some cheer!

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