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Beginner’s Guide: Painting Bathroom Cabinets

So, you want to paint your bathroom cabinets! You do not need to hire this job out- it can be a weekend job. The best part? It's affordable!

Let’s get started!

Start with a clean vanity and sand it down - no need to take off the old finish, but you want to rough it up nicely.

01 Want to know the secret to a perfect hard finish?  It's all in the prep work - so sand, sand, sand... before anything else! 

Use high quality primer and paint.


To ensure a long lasting and beautiful finish, you’ll want to start with high quality primer and paint. Sand in between each coat.

Use a foam roller for less brush strokes. Again, sand lightly between coats. 



04 Delay putting cabinets back on or even  hardware for at least 3 days

6 Fast Rules For Painting Your Vanity

01 Clean your vanity well.

02 Sand it down until its' surface feels rough. 


06 Don't put hardware/doors back on for 3 days.

05 Lightly sand in between each coat

Use a high quality primer + paint.

Use a foam roller for less brush strokes.


See our full tutorial here with all the details.

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That's it! Painting bathroom cabinets is NOT something you need to hire out!