5 Reasons A Sheepadoodle Is The Perfect Pet For You

And 3 Reasons They May Not Be

1. They are hypoallergenic. Sheepadoodles don't shed. Like, ever.

2. Sheepadoodle dogs are extremely social, gentle and LOVE people... and especially kids! 

We suspect our Sheepadoodle loves our kids more than us!

3. They come in all sizes - from tiny toy size, to giant sheepadoodles that average 70lbs.

4. They love to please their owners, making these dogs easier to train. Sheepadoodle puppies can be taught  to be very obedient!

5. Sheepadoodles are highly intelligent! These dogs get their brains from the poodle side.

So what's not to love? Nothing!

But... here are 3 little things to know!

1. Giant Sheepadoodles love to play - and they need a LOT of playtime and exercise. Daily.

2. No shedding is great... but it means we spend big bucks  on routine grooming.

3. Their deep attachment to humans make them hate to be alone.  A sheepadoodle  can't be left  alone all day every day  while you're away.

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