Using Our Walmart+ Membership This Winter Season

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Today I am sharing a great holiday gift idea with you! The gift of a Walmart+ Membership. We are Walmart+ members in our family and it is one big convenience our family uses a lot during busy times. You may want to consider giving this membership as a gift to someone you love this holiday season! 

Why We Love Our Walmart+ Membership 

  • It saves us so much time – especially during the holidays. I save so much time by just quickly ordering my groceries on the Walmart app and having groceries delivered right to my doorstep.  
  • Unlimited Free Delivery! This is a game changer for fresh, high quality groceries with Walmart’s everyday low prices. ($35 minimum, restrictions apply). And get free shipping (no order minimum) on select holiday gifts and goodies. (Excludes some items, locations & freight surcharges).  
  • Rx’s for less money (The program is not insurance and cannot be combined with insurance). 

How We Use Our Walmart+ Membership 

  • While we are renovating and spend quite a bit on the house, we are making an effort to eat out less. We save money by ordering Walmart’s everyday low priced groceries. 
  • We now spend less time at the store and more time with each other by having groceries delivered right to our door. I would much rather cook with Jose and have the kids around, then be stuck in the store fighting lines and cranky kids. A no-stress grocery shopping experience is convenient but also smart. 
  • This also goes for goodies and gifts. Many items have free shipping with no order minimum. So if you forget something necessary we can simply order it and have it brought to us! 

We’ve been using Walmart+ since last summer. It’s saved us so much time and money since then! Less time at the store means more time with the family, or doing what I love. 

This holiday season we used our Walmart+ Membership to order high quality groceries and make this fun holiday dish. I love making large plates for kids and adults to graze on.  These were so much fun to make – and instead of being stuck in the store I had my kids helping me create these in the kitchen! They LOVED the experience and I loved saving time. A win/win for everyone. 

woman holding food

You can sign up here for your membership or give it to someone you love!  Be sure to check out the free, 15 day trial HERE

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