Styling Guide: Creating a Bar Area At The Holidays + Beyond

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I am refreshing our bar area just in time for the holidays, and showing you how you can do it too!

No actual bar? Dedicate a small counter space in your kitchen, or use the top of a low cabinet near or in the kitchen. In our last home I found a bar cart at the thrift store that I cleaned up. (On actual wheels! This was before Target came along and started selling bar carts!)

Ice Bucket: Holiday, Year Round, Copper / Faux Flowers / Faux Limes / wreaths / Bar Cart / Art / Straws / Mule Cups / Tray

Bar Area:

If I were in need of a bar cart at this time I would go for something like this. Or use a kitchen counter, or a cabinet you may have in a room near the kitchen.

Pretty Glassware:

I just had my first Russian Mule at a wedding last month. Once it hit my lips, I drank it all night. ??‍♀️ So naturally Jose gifteduse some copper mule cups a few weeks later so we can serve these over the holidays. We also like these glasses and keep them out normally – perfect for gin + tonics!

Something Alive:

Sometimes I cheat with fake flowers (not much natural light in this spot). Currently I put up mini boxwood wreaths. And if you want faux limes, I found good ones here.

A Tray:

A tray keeps everything from looking too cluttered. I found this little guy at Target and it’s the perfect size for our little space. I also liked this one.

Pretty Bottles:

I actually prefer to keep the booze tucked out of sight since we are fortunate enough to have a cabinet underneath. I like putting the large Pellagrino bottles on display. Three lined up are so nice visually!

Ice Bucket:

Not just nice to display- an ice bucket is super functional and we use ours at almost every get together involving wine. When we are entertaining in the living room we’ll bring the bucket over and set it on the table there. I like that this makes friends feel welcome to top themselves off! I love this one for year round because it looks modern and sophisticated, but it’s just from Target. I like this festive one for the holidays, and this copper bucket matches the mules.

I prefer using this copper bucket with rose!

Something Just For Fun:

I took down our bar art (this fun gin + tonic print) because it was starting to look crowded. Some bells and a little stuffed Christmas deer are plenty. The straws also are just for color- we don’t use paper straws with our drinks – although they are diminishing quickly because my kids are using them to throw spit balls….. seriously.

Come here often?”

I love how this area turned out.

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