37 Home Office Desks For 2023

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Updated: February 2, 2023

Eventually (although it totally feels like forever right now!), the kids will be back at their school. But with the time frame unknown, buying proper desks for the year felt like the smart thing to do.

Where To Buy A Home Office Desk? This blog is my business and affiliate links may be used, at no cost to you. I hope you find the information and photos helpful!

I’ve got you right here. I have sorted through well known brands and even highly reviewed Amazon desks (2 day shipping? Yes please!). Keep in mind some of these desks will go out of stock as the fall season gets underway!", "image": "https://chrissymarieblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Copy-of-Untitled-3.jpg", "author": { "@type": "Person", "name": "Chrissy Marie", "url": "https://chrissymarieblog.com/" }, "publisher": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "Chrissy Marie", "logo": { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "https://chrissymarieblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/cropped-Chrissy-Marie-Blog.png" } }, "datePublished": "2020-07-18", "dateModified": "2023-02-02" }

In need of a home office desk right now? You certainly aren’t alone! I rounded up 37 desks with reasonable prices for you here.

There are so many plain jane, boring desks out there… but affordable shouldn’t mean unstylish! I sorted through hundreds and picked out desks that I also would use myself, or with great reviews from others!

I sorted 37 desks into categories of under $200, $200 – $400, and above $400.

Home Office Desks That Will Work For Kids and Adults

If you found yourself working from home indefinitely, perhaps you are like me and realized it was TIME to stop working from the bed! (For organization purposes – and for my back!)

We’re also looking for nice desks the kids can work from efficiently… as in, not the kitchen table! For a lot of families like mine, our homeschooling situation is temporary.

Eventually (although it totally feels like forever right now!), the kids will be back at their school. But with the time frame unknown, buying proper desks for the year felt like the smart thing to do.

Where To Buy A Home Office Desk?

This blog is my business and affiliate links may be used, at no cost to you. I hope you find the information and photos helpful!

I’ve got you right here. I have sorted through well known brands and even highly reviewed Amazon desks (2 day shipping? Yes please!). Keep in mind some of these desks will go out of stock as the fall season gets underway! 


home office desk collection all together for a pinterest image

The Most Affordable Desks: From $99 to $199

1-3. Simple Parsons Table With A Drawer : Small, Medium, Large

I gave three options here because all are similar prices with different sizes. The small, medium, and the larger desk come in multiple colors, offer a drawer for storage, stay well under $200 for a chic look that could fit into a living room type area as well.

In my book, a white parsons table is just about always a win when it comes to interior design.

(These desks look very similar to this West Elm Parsons desk, at a fraction of the price. See number 26!)

4. Folding Computer Desk

a simple white and wood desk for a home office 

Comes in multiple colors

This $199 desk actually folds up – with over 5,000 happy reviews, it is sturdy, the right size, and easy to assemble! No tools necessary to put this home office desk together – just fold and snap it into place. A lot of reviewers owned the darker colors – white is just my preference.

If you are apartment living or don’t want a heavier desk with complications- that’s another reason to look at this folding desk!

5. Large and No Frills Light Weight Desk

light wood and white home office desk Also comes in black

This sleek desk from Amazon offers a nice big surface to spread out on. As long as you don’t need drawers, this is a way to get a nice looking, sturdy desk. Over 1,500 happy reviews!

(A larger 55″ similar version of this desk can be found here!)

6. Wood and White Desk

This adorable wood and white mixed materials desk is affordable and cute! In lieu of drawers this has 4 cute storage cubbies to hold your supplies and keep the clutter contained!

7 – 8. The Elusive Corner Desk (two options!)

Choose between these white or wood toned corner desks, or the light wood corner desk with over 1000 reviews! Get smart and use a corner of your living room as a work space!

Two kids working? Put both in each corner! 😉 

9 – 10. Leaning Desk With A Drawer

Take your pick – the first desk looks great with solid reviews, but… the second desk is $50 more affordable with the same dimensions. 

A desk with a drawer is necessary if you have little ones with grabby fingers (hi), or if the desk will be used by a child. I like that this home office desk can potentially  double as a nice looking bookshelf in a living room setting.

11. Spindle Leg Desk

This spindle leg desk reminds me of the desk version of a Jenny Lind bed. And even better – it comes in all types of cute colors! Get beachy with blue or stay classic with white or espresso.

12. Adorable Folding Desk With A Drawer

This desk comes in wood or white! This great looking desk is priced under $200 with a classic shape- and the best part? It folds away for easy storage when you need extra space! Unfold it and bring it out when you’re ready to work! I would buy this cute little desk in a heartbeat!

13. Walnut and Gold Desk

This walnut desk won’t crowd your home but it still manages to have a nice amount of workspace and a large drawer! The gold dipped legs and hardware keep it stylish and modern. 

14. Campaign Desk
brass and white desk for a home officeI have always loved a good campaign desk and I am excited to find one in this price range! This white and brass campaign desk is straight off Amazon with 2 day shipping! Yes please!

If you want a choice of colors, I found another campaign desk on closeout prices, just over $200. Scroll down to number 17.

15. Long Wood Writing Desk With 2 Drawers (A steal of a price!)

This sleek and pretty desk also comes with a concealed storage with outlets inside! So charming! Priced just over$100, I am a fan of this desk because it isn’t so “desky” that it couldn’t sit in a living room.

a home office desk with a cute chair and a plant

source: the forever talented Emily Henderson

(If you like the look but wish it were longer, scroll down to number 33 – that is almost an identical desk, but with a bigger work space so you can spread out!)

Mid Range Desks $200 – $400

16. Curved Desk 

a brass and white home office desk that also looks like a vanity 

A homework station for now – a vanity for later – this cute and rounded desk from Amazon could stay with you or your child in various stages of life.

17 – 18. Two Campaign Desk Options

The first is a colorful campaign desk on closeout prices. If you want something other than white (beachy blue? emerald green?) this is for you!

The second option is a classic campaign desk from a well known retailer that has been used in all types of design. I love the brass details on this one! Also available in black as well.

19. Black and Gold Desk

We love a black and gold desk – this desk with large round handles is all drama!

Drama can be good too. Not huge, but an über stylish home office desks for a small space that wants something glam. This desk would look especially great in your home if you already have some black tones going on.

20. The Kennett Desk

Teetering between midcentury and classic, the Kennett Desk has a good looking shape and a fair price. The drawer looks spacious to keep it clutter free!

21. Olive Green Desk

Don’t be tricked – this desk is smart! This clean minimalistic desk won’t visually clutter up your space- but it still has drawers. This desk would look great as an adult’s home office desk, or a child’s.

22. The Windsor Desk 

Offered in a chic gray, the Windsor Desk desk offers not just space for open storage but drawers too! So versatile – can’t you see this in an adult’s home office, but also a boy’s room too?

23. Wood and Brass Desk

This lovely desk is practical and handsome! Need a break from all the white and brass? With positive reviews and a great price, this wood and gold desk is a classic choice.

24. Large and Well Priced Desk

This price is great for a desk this size! This large wood desk is seriously good looking and offers storage, space and style. Reviews do mention it takes a bit to put together.

25. The Classic Preston Desk

Technically a child’s desk, there is no reason why the Preston Desk wouldn’t be a welcome addition to workspace for an adult. A simple narrow shape with spacious drawers – this desk fits in all types of decor. See it below:

a home office desk in a child's bedroom

Source: @LifeonCedarLane 

26 – 27. Large Parsons Desks

White, wood, or painted, who can choose? I listed both the West Elm Parsons Desk and the Pottery Barn Kids Mini Parsons desk – which has the option of a hutch on top and various colors. (Or choose the regular sized PBK Parsons Desk – with a larger footprint.)

a parsons desk in every girl home office with a cute lamp and books

The West Elm Parsons Desk | Source: The Everygirl

With a thick top and a hidden drawer, you can seamlessly work this home office desk into your home in a nook, an entry way, or an actual office.

Not too modern, not too traditional, not so girly but not overly masculine – this desk checks all the boxes! Can you tell it’s my favorite?

Home Office Desks Priced $400+

28. Adorable Brass Detailed Desk

Gold pulls on this simple but stylish desk make it a chic choice, in black or white! The style is clean enough that this will be long-lasting and outlast trends. I like that acrylic chair the retailer paired it with!

29. Anthropologie Look Alike Desk

This stunning Anthropologie Look Alike Desk desk is a dead ringer (or dupe?) for the expensive but stunning Anthropologie Lacquered Regency desk, but not nearly as expensive. Reviews look good, and the storage in this desk is unbelievably good!

30. Not Just Another White And Brass Desk

Chic and built to last, this popular desk has been seen everywhere. This white and brass desk is so beautiful it could fit in nicely in a bedroom!

31. Substantial Leaning Desk

This large leaning desk offers plenty of room and a bulletin board too, but also comes with the option of adding an entire wall desk set. Perfect for a playroom or a child’s bedroom – this could be a school work desk now and a crafting desk later!

32. Jenny Lind Desk

Offered in both gray or white, this Jenny Lind desk will stay with you for a lifetime. The option of a hutch makes it even more functional. 

a white Jenny Lind desk with a brass chair in a home office

Source: Dallas Designers 

That chic bow chair mixed with the Jenny Lind desk is like the icing on the cake!

33. Industrial Desk 

With hidden deep drawers, this good looking industrial desk is form and function too. Spread out on this spacious desk! A larger version of the more affordable number 15, this is nice looking enough for a bedroom or a living room.

34. Stylish and Understated Desk

This new Quincy Desk is as lovely as it is functional with all its 3 spacious drawers. Available for preorder now, this beauty will be available mid September.

35. Home Office Desk That Looks Good From All Angles

This beautiful long writing desk would look great centered in a room! If you have a room dedicated to your home office, you can float this desk out in the center as it looks good from all sides!

36. The Morris Desk

If you want a large gender neutral desk with plenty of drawers for storage – this substantially sized desk is what you are looking for! With a refined look and almost 60 happy reviews, this is the ultimate work hard from home desk.

If you are looking for more substantial desks, the entire Morris collection is a great place to look.

37. Large White and Brass Desk

This popular white and brass desk is hard to keep track of as it sells out quite often! With three drawers and plenty of space, this could work well for a child’s desk or an adult’s home office desk.

a home office desk that is white and brass with blue accents in the office

Source: Laura May Interiors

One last tip – if you are looking for a high quality, long lasting desk for yourself – but want a lower price – check out the kids’ desks at retailers like Crate and Kids desks or Pottery Barn Kids’ desk options. They have some desks that don’t necessarily look like it belongs to children.

And if you’re looking for substantially sized desks with storage AND a nice big workspace, I really like the options Crate and Barrel offers here.

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