A DIY Fathers Day Gift Basket With Sprouts

A DIY Fathers Day Gift Basket With Sprouts

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A Zen For Men Pampering Gift Basket

I love putting together gift baskets as gifts, because I love the element of surprise that a gift basket provides. This year with the help of Sprouts Farmers Market, I am giving Jose a pampering themed gift basket. Instead of just one gift to unwrap this Father’s Day, my husband will have many little happy surprises. Even the manliest of all the men still need a little pampering sometimes, right?!

A DIY Fathers Day Gift Basket

When you create a gift basket, a lot of thought about the recipient and what they would like goes into it. It can be just pure fun, or practical, or both. The possibilities of what you can put in are endless- which is another reason why I went with a theme. Jose and I both are obsessed with Sprouts. It’s on the other side of town from us so whenever one of us is over that way, we text the other and ask if they need anything from Sprouts. They stand out to us from other grocery stores because of their selection of natural products, and their prices are good at the same time. I am also obsessed with their gummy bears that come in the big bins… just sayin.

I thought this gift basket would allow me to purchase a few products he might not necessarily go out and buy for himself. I found all of these items at my Sprouts in the health + body care section.

The first thing I did when I got into Sprouts was head to the health + body care section. Okay, I lied, I went straight to the gummy bears bins and filled a baggy for myself. ;) After that I went to the health section. So many natural products that I can’t easily find other places are there, making this gift basket easy to put together.

Fathers Day Gift Basket DIY

Products I Included:

  • Jason brand mens ocean sport body wash

  • Sprouts brand invigorating body lotion in rosemary/mint

  • Sprouts brand goats milk bar soap

  • Everyone brand bubble bath in eucalyptus/citrus

  • Every Man Jack brand deodorant in cedarwood

  • Sprouts brand epsom salt

  • Bull Dog brand original shave gel in aloe/green tea

  • Aura Cacia mineral bath in tranquil chamomile 

A DIY Fathers Day Gift Basket
A DIY Fathers Day Gift Basket

I started with a color scheme of blue for a monochromatic look. I like a color scheme just to upgrade the overall look of the basket!

The first thing I grabbed was the big bag of Epsom salts because Jose lifts heavy weights at the gym, and takes a lot of baths to relax his aches. Epsom salts are great for soothing tired muscles!

I added the bubble bath, mineral bath & the body wash as those are already products I know he will love that will help him relax. I’ve heard great things about goat’s milk soap and I am excited for him to try that. The Bull Dog brand is already a favorite of his and just a small hint for him to trim his beard back a bit perhaps maybe???

Some Sprouts body lotion and a new kind of deodorant (it smelled amazing) and we were done.

I put some shredded paper filling in the bottom, and arranged the products in a way that looked nice. If you are an overachiever, just go ahead and wrap the whole thing up in cellophane paper! Congrats, your gift is done and he is sure to love it!

Create Your Own Fathers Day Gift Basket. Zen For Men Pampering Gift Basket for Father's Day
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