Best of the Week

I turned 36 this week and I didn't know how I would feel about it until the actual day. This sounds pretty corny but it is true: I am just happy to be alive. I was thinking about how lucky I am to just even reach this age, much less I get to be surrounded by my people! I mean, yes, I would love to look like I am 25 and that will never change, but aside from that, I am truly enjoying my 30s.  I am not going to use the word blessed because that word is so overused, but I feel quite lucky. 

loft dress  she wore navy

Robbie came home from his 1 million day (ok it was a little over a week but it felt like a million days) fishing excursion in Quebec City with my Dad and my Grandpa. He caught a ton of huge fish and I am pretty proud of him.

I mean look at this guy's eye grilling the camera. He looks pretty mean!

big fish

We made signs and brought balloons to the airport to wait for him.  I am super happy to have him back home sleeping in his own bed again!  I always feel a little uneasy when one of my kids is not at home overnight.  They are always some place safe, but it doesn't matter... I just feel better when they are all in their own beds at night under my roof!

she wore navy best of the week

Our Summer Bucket List went up yesterday!  I printed it out this big from Costco for a couple of bucks! The kids go crazy over this funny thing, so it makes me happy!

summer bucket list she wore navy

PRO MOM TIP! Make sure you tell your kids this a list of IDEAS, not the kind of list where you check everything off! Otherwise it just becomes a chore list of things for Mom and Dad to do for the kids (no). 🙄

I bought Camille these overalls and she has been wearing them every day. I actually think I like them best with no shirt underneath because she is so little... but either way, they are my favorite!

overalls she wore navy
overalls toddler she wore navy
toddler overalls she wore navy

I have been on a huge breakfast smoothie kick recently! I have one particular breakfast smoothie with oats that my kids BEG for in the morning. I posted about it here.

breakfast smoothie she wore navy

My kids got this vintage version of Candy Land and its pretty cute. Surprisingly it has been a big hit so far this summer! Endless games. It reminds me of the one we grew up playing.  The tin box is everything because I don't know about you, but we wreck our game boxes, and then what are you supposed to do? 

she wore navy best of the week

Thats about it! Looking forward to our last week in June! This summer is flying by!