Threshold’s Windsor Chairs from target: a Review

August 2018- Updated Review at the Bottom!

When I was considering Threshold's windsor Chairs from Target, I looked everywhere for a review and I could not find any.  Now that I have received multiple messages on my instagram page from people wondering what I thought of them, I knew it was time to put out a review!

Before buying Threshold's windsor chairs,  we had IKEA's INGOLF dining chairs in white for about 5 years. They were surprisingly study. They took on all kinds of abuse from my kids! I had them in white and the color was such a bad decision. They showed every smudge of dirt, every smear of food, and all the grime from my 4 kids. I was wiping them down twice a day! Let's be real, soon I just plain gave up and rarely cleaned them. Who has time to babysit chairs? 

But after finding IKEA's chairs to be surprisingly sturdy, we gambled again and bought Threshold's windsor chairs from Target in navy. They are a cool dupe of Serena and Lily's Tucker chair. Obviously, I love the Tucker chairs.  But Threshold's windsor chairs are less than $150 for 2 chairs, and they are very similar! 

target Windsor chair review

Each set arrives in a large package of 2. No big deal to build, its about 6 screws and you're done. 

Our family of 6 has been eating on them for 2 months now (we still have a high chair and a Junior chair). We sit at this table for breakfast every day, and we eat dinner on them together almost every day too. 

I was worried about the paint chipping, but I haven't seen any of that. They feel sturdy- no loose screws, no creaking. It is SO nice not to have to wipe them down every day! I take a rag to them about once a week.

Target's Threshold Windsor Chair Review

So, at this point in time, I am loving them! People comment on the color whenever they come over. I have a ton of navy in my downstairs and my kitchen is all white so they fit right in.

Target's Threshold Windsor Chair Review

I'll be sure and update this review in time so we can see how they hold up for us!

September 2018 - These chairs are still holding up well for us. We bought another set and now have 6. I have no regrets. One of the chairs has a small paint chip. So far, so good. Easy to wipe down which is my favorite part. 

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