The Girls' Bathroom

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white girls bathroom

Today I am sharing the bathroom that belongs to our girls. They are only 6 and 2 so they don't currently spend a lot of time in here, except to take baths and leave their towels + toys all over the floor. But one day they will be fighting over this room so we tried to maximize the space! 

My favorite thing hands down in here is the oversized mirror from Urban Outfitters Home. The peach color is perfect. 

pink mirror bathroom
solid white quartz bathroom

We used a solid white quartz on the counter. You guys-- it's so low maintenance. No sealing, it doesn't stain from toothpaste etc, everything just WIPES clean to a bright white again! I love having something that actually stays white.

solid white quartz bathroom
sconce girls bathroom
girls shower and target shower curtain

Their shower curtain matches the mirror exactly, which was just a lucky find! If you click on the source link listed below, it looks like it's hot pink- but really it's a muted peach tone. It has little fringe on the bottom.

girls bathroom window

Bathroom update: true to form, the girls' plant died so it has been replaced with something simpler: a leaf. I snapped this updated pic the other day and posted it on my instagram

girls bathroom modern
girls bathroom modern

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