Grasscloth Wallpaper in the Dining Room

After living in our home for 9 months with an empty dining room, we are ready to tackle Project Dining Room!

The project goes like this: I talk to my husband about the pros and cons of a million different ways I could style the room, show him pictures of various ideas and ask questions without waiting for his answer. He says things like "hmmm" over and over and stares at his phone. Once I make up my mind, I tell him the price of everything, wait a few days for him to absorb the shock, and then he says Ok babe, just do it already.

9 Simple Family Traditions You Can Start Now

This is a total mom thing to say, but I think our family's traditions will be the secret sauce that keeps our family ties strong over time!

Whew. Ok, I said it. I'll just be over here putting on my mom jeans and my old Reeboks now. 

Today I'm talking about real life ideas for little traditions that you can easily put into action with your own crew. Sometimes the kids will whine or it won't go as planned, and that's ok, your tradition is not ruined. It is not about everything-was-perfect-with-magical-matching-outfits-and-instagram-worthy-pictures (although I do love those so much!!). It's about simply repeating something - together with your people - in a positive way, just like you did last year and the year before, and building on those memories.

A Modern + Playful Boys Room

Annnnd I have a new favorite room in my house! Too bad it's not my own room... and too bad the 4 year old owner of the room just smiled and shrugged when he saw the transformation. But, Leo has been pretty vocal about his indifference the whole time.  Boys... what can you do?

How I Save Money On My Family's Groceries

When we built our home, we squeezed our guest bath just a little bit smaller than we originally planned so that we could put more room in the pantry. As a mom, I wanted that pantry to have SPACE. I knew in order to keep my sanity I needed room for food (lets be honest, snacks) on hand at all times. There is nothing worse than 4 hangry kids and you haven't gone to the store in a week so all you have to offer is stale crackers and a can of beans! Not that I would know anything about that! 😉

Boys Bedoom Inspiration

We are putting the finishing touches on our 4 year old Leo's bedroom! My goal is to get some color in his room but at the same time keeping the room light and bright (always), and I did not want the room feeling cluttered. Below is some of what I have been creating + dreaming up!

Stylish Backpacks For Kids!

Ever since my son's last day of school when he raced down the steps and into my car, he has been telling us, "Don't say the S word!".  Now it's late July and I can't WAIT to say the S word. School, school, school, school, SCHOOL! I can see it coming! 

Here are 20 affordable + stylish backpacks for kids to take into the school year.... as you happily wave goodbye and turn up all the hip hop in your minivan.  

Styling a Bookcase

We have a set of tall builtins in this little nook in our hall. They sit at the top of the stairs, and across from another set of stairs leading up to our playroom. Guests can catch a glimpse of the shelves if they look up from our entry, and I can even see them laying down from my bedroom. 

Dinners Kids Can Cook

Y'all, its 2018 and I'm just going to put this out there about myself: cooking dinner is annoying. I hate planning it, all the chopping is annoying, I'm constantly leaving out ingredients, I don't like to be precise (in everything in life) so its always too much of this or that. 

Best faux plants

We wanted some greenery in our house, but I just killed some cacti, and between the 4 kids + the dog I don't need another living thing with needs, no matter how small! The only real plants here are the two biggest plants you see! I linked everything else at the bottom of the post if you are interested.

Boys Bathroom

Let me preface this by telling you this is literally the grossest bathroom in our house. I am really proud of these pictures though, and I dream of the day they put the seat down and flush. It really isn't that hard. 

Moving on... the boys have a Jack n' Jill style bathroom- located between their 2 rooms, and a door closes off the toilet + shower.  I love all the masculine contrast!

Wooden Watches: A Unique Father's Day Gift

Several months ago I was scrolling through social media as one does, when I came across an image of a woman wearing a wooden watch that stopped me in my scroll. The wood was a beautiful unexpected element, and the face was minimal - no fancy designs, etc. - it was lovely!