Stylish Backpacks For Kids!

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If you’re interested in 20 of the coolest backpacks for PRESCHOOLERS, it is located here.

Ever since my son’s last day of school when he raced down the steps and into my car, he has been telling us, “Don’t say the S word!”.  Now it’s late July and I can’t WAIT to say the S word. School, school, school, school, SCHOOL! I can see it coming! 

Here are 20 affordable + stylish backpacks for kids to take into the school year…. as you happily wave goodbye and turn up all the hip hop in your minivan.  

Almost all are under $50 and for the most part for kids 5-12.  Links at the bottom. 

Only the really fun moms will buy their kid the Fortnite bag!  I’m not one of them… but only because my kid doesn’t need any more encouragement with his obsession.  ? 

Click the images below to shop the bags.

1 -5

6 – 10

11 – 15

16 – 20

Make sure you check the size! One year my daughter’s teacher asked for her bag to be extra large.  But most of these should fit your average sized folders, etc.

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