How to discipline kids in a positive way

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This post was originally going to be called “How to discipline kids and not lose your sh*t, over summer break.” But.. we all know that’s asking for something we can’t have. I firmly believes every great mom is entitled to completely lose it every now + again.  ESPECIALLY over summer break.

But I have started doing this new thing…

It is called a Job Jar. This is not a new idea.For us, it’s a glass jar that sits on my counter, with little white slips of paper inside – we keep it out all the time, ready to be used!

I usually bust thing this out in the summer full time because thats when I find disciplining the most difficult. When they’re all home fighting and leaving their crap everywhere and I’m trying to keep them in line, it makes my job so much easier.

So, the idea is instead of negotiating with them what their punishment is suppose to be, or coming up with some new threat to hold against them, while they catch an attitude or start feeling ashamed, I just tell them to go pull out a job jar slip.

Written on the slips are jobs that take 5-10 minutes (that my kids actually wrote down themselves- and they love that part). They  kids need to close their eyes and pick. But there is a trick to this that keeps it fun and light hearted: inside are 3 slips that say “Lucky Day: No job!”  The lucky day slips keep the kids thinking picking out a job is a game. SERIOUSLY.

I am not exaggerating when I say it is a major attitude changer in that moment when they are in trouble. The guilty child runs to the jar, and the other kids gather around, everyone wanting to see what job they’ll get.

My sweet kids still get on my nerves at times and they still fight and leave their crap everywhere. Sadly, it won’t solve any of that. But my job- to discipline – is SO much easier! Less attitude, less talk back… and I get some chores done.

Some examples are: Clean someone else’s room for them, clean mom’s choice of room, clean out the car, pick up all the toys in the yard, vacuum a room, etc. Whatever you do, don’t put in any kind of job you have to assist with. That’s not making it easier on yourself. Work smarter, not harder! ?

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